Is Kindness a thing of the past?

Is Kindness a thing of the past?


I have been thinking about the recent events in Westminster last week, It’s extremely sad that our country which was once considered one of the safest places in the world became the centre of such an enormous tragedy.

I heard about the American couple who were here to celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary and now she will be going on her own.

< So many things have been said about the events of 22nd of March 2017; the killer was a psychopath, people were in the wrong place at the wrong time but I ask where the values such as moral kindness and respect gone are?

I have read an article about the late Princess Diana in a magazine as we are celebrating the National Kindness Day on March 31st.

Our Beautiful, Kind Princess who brightened up so many people’s lives whilst on earth left a legacy that our country must honour and follow.

Her ability to comfort people of all ages and backgrounds, her lovely compassionate nature, kind heart and beautiful smile.

We all must look at her picture and ask her to help us from Heaven, may her light which shone upon us in her brief existence on this planet be a guide to us all and may her beautiful watch over us in our earthy pilgrim.