Fight Famine!

Fight Famine! Let’s deal with the root cause!

It’s so heart breaking to see these poor people suffering in Africa!

I am gobsmacked that these countries are still in the same state as far back as I can remember, probably more than 30 years ago!

I understand that they need money for food, water and medicine but surely our manpower would be much better in the long term!

I think the UK, Europe and USA armies should go in and help build and educate these countries by infiltrating their governments to drive out the corrupt and fight the terrorists who are blocking any proper aid getting to their civilians who are suffering.

 I believe once this is dealt with education is the key to turning 3rd world countries like Africa around and helping them to thrive.

In this situation I believe that money is not the answer, teaching these poor people trades and giving them an education is the way forward so they can make their country a better place to live, building medical facilities, homes and putting in place contingency plans to deal with a crisis such as the one they are facing now.

If this is not done we will face the same situation which will keep recurring year after year and we will have another campaign to raise more money to help the people who are suffering there, when in reality all’s we are doing is helping their greedy, corrupt governments make more money for themselves and the terrorists groups running their country, whilst millions of civilians are starving and dying as a result of the terrible way they are treated.

Nothing has changed after all of these years and I think it’s about time we started looking at the root cause and dealing with it from there!