Holy Week

This is Holy Week, a time for reflection.

I’ve been thinking about the way things are going in this world.

Love, compassion and respect are unknown feelings for the so called “modern society”

However as we celebrate Easter let’s take a minute and look at the crucifix.

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice by dying on the cross to save us from the original sin.

This is the truth whether you believe it or not! I often think of the meaning of “Saviour” if we look back on the story of our creation and what Adam and Eve did which brought so much unhappiness to all mankind, The more I think the more I realise that we keep doing exactly what they did and God also told us by his commandments not to cultivate seeds of hate, racism, unkindness and lack of respect for his creatures, did we listen and obey?
I must say very few did.

The world is a beautiful place given to us by our creator, there is no need for anger, envy and destruction.
Our hearts were made to grow seeds of love and compassion in it.

God gave us wisdom and discernment to judge right from wrong, but it seems to me we have lost the ability to use it.
Let’s show our gratitude to Jesus by following his teachings and making this world a safer and more pleasant place to live in.

Happy Easter.