Bullying is not acceptable

Bullying in any form is never acceptable!

I think it is disgraceful that bullying is still going on in today’s society both in children and adults alike.

What troubles me most about working in the education sector is how a lot of children think it is ok to treat each other in such a nasty/malicious manner.

What gives anyone the right to make someone feel so powerless, terrified and uncomfortable in their own skin that it could potentially effect a person’s path in life forever.

Bullying in schools is at an all-time high and due to social media which is used as another platform for bullies to target their victims it is not only just physical bullying but there is also a lot of mental torture going on with children petrified to leave there homes unable to make it into the classroom due to threats received online! Which begs the question how is this still going on? Why is there no effective way to stop this?

A child or teenagers education is key to them growing up and starting a good life for themselves and to have this taken away from them due to a group or certain individual is despicable!

Some teenagers are not only losing out on an education they are losing their lives, feeling so isolated and scared that they think the only way out is to take their own lives!

There needs to be a zero tolerance to bullying to show the perpetrators that they cannot get away with such behaviour. The Government, Schools and Social media need to step up to the mark and make a stance to stop this from happening before any more young lives are ruined!

No matter what age, if it is found that someone has been bullying another person either threatening physical or mental abuse they should get some form of police record so maybe they will think twice!

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