The importance of English to business owners

It is so important to speak good English if you are a business owner in the UK.

As I’ve mentioned before in my previous articles, there’s lack of knowledge of  within the majority of the foreign communities in London.

It’s quite sad to see so many immigrants who come here in the hope of a better future being so confined to their own communities, going to shops run by their fellow countrymen and in some cases watching TV on channels from their own countries.

In my opinion, these people are missing great opportunities, as it is essential when moving to a new country to be integrated in order to feel part of it.

I’ve been to a number of local shops whose owners can’t speak any English and others whose knowledge of English is very limited.   This makes life very difficult for their customers, as sometimes it’s impossible to describe an object in detail in a way they can understand.

I see no point in having a business here and not being able to communicate efficiently with your customers.
I think its time the government gave more incentives to immigrants to improve their English skills.

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