2019 is here

A long time ahead of us.

We have a long river to cross over!

When I was young it was so easy to do it, but now at old age it seems an enormous battle, however as long as I am able to and God gives strength I will carry on!!!

When I founded Me Languages back in 2006 I did it to help people to get more job opportunities as I believe that learning a new language can open the door for a better career and a good job position.

In all these years as a teacher I have come across students of various nationalities who come here with the hope of a better future. However most of the time language acts as an enormous barrier and causes great difficulty for these people! One of the biggest factors affecting people is that in many countries over the world English isn’t taught properly. So when these people come to England they get disappointed and discouraged as the grammar and pronunciation rules they learned back home are quite different than the ones taught in England. This can lead to frustration and enormous disappointment, however we have a solution for this problem.

We at One2One Me Languages offer individual lessons at affordable fees taught by experienced qualified native speakers teachers.

Our teaching quality  is our priority and our students can be reassured that their needs are also are also our main concern.

So if you’re struggling with English or want to learn Portuguese, Italian or Spanish then contact us – we’re here to help you.