How important it is to be fluent in English

How important it is to be fluent in English

In today’s world it is very essential to anyone who is thinking about emigrating to bear in mind that being able to communicate in English clearly and efficiently will certainly open many doors no matter which country you choose to live in.

As a language teacher I have come across so many students from different parts of the world who have come to England in the hope of getting a good job and a better future.

However the sad reality is that they end up doing unskilled jobs because they can’t speak fluent English.

Most of these students are highly qualified in their own countries and have left behind an excellent job position but once they are here they face enormous barriers and difficulties in the job market.

One of the biggest problems I have noticed all these years as a teacher is that English isn’t properly taught in the majority of these countries, therefore they believe their language skills are good enough to get a good job over here which is quite often not the case.

We founded ME Languages with the view of helping these people, our bi-lingual teachers are very aware of the differences between English and other languages and have been trained to give their students their absolute best.

Whatever profession you may be in, whatever background you may have remember: English is the “key” to open many doors in the job market across the world.