English test for cab drivers

TFL compulsory English test for cab drivers, what a brilliant idea!

I am extremely pleased with TFL’s initiative to make it compulsory for buses and cab drivers to have a test in order to check their English level.

I’ve personally experienced on numerous occasions on buses and in cabs a lot of difficulties when it comes to understanding and communicating with the drivers and making myself understood and or understanding them due to their poor fluency in the English language.

Also upon doing my research I have found this to be the case with the majority of people I have spoken to.

I have also witnessed many foreign people getting on buses to travel or who approach the drivers for some information about tourist attractions, getting to certain destinations or where to get off, however for their frustration the driver has no idea where the places are and does not make any effort to help the passengers due to lack of English skills.

I think this can also be very dangerous as in the case of emergency on both a bus and in a cab the drivers would not be able to communicate with the emergency services should they need to and explain what the emergency is or what has happened.

I think this can also be worse where cab drivers are concerned as some of them understand so little English they can barely understand you and if their satellite navigation system doesn’t work for some reason it is very difficult to give them directions.

London is a metropolitan city and we have people from all over the world here, it is understandable that everyone has their own language and culture and we all respect it however it is essential that everyone who comes to work or live here has good English skills for the sake of everyone’s safety and ease as lack of it can cause many unwanted and unpleasant incidents.

London sure will be an easier place to live if we can all communicate with each other.
We at ME Languages are fully backing this idea by TFL.

If there are any of you out there worried about this matter please don’t hesitate to contact us at our school in North London.