Brexit – What the future holds for language schools?

It has been quite a worrying time for all language school owners in the UK over the last year since Britain decided to leave the EU.

Having said that as threatening as this seems to be for people like me who own and run a language school there is probably a positive side to this situation I would like to make some suggestions to the government.

I think the government should first and foremost establish some rules such as if someone wants to come to England to study even if they don’t need a visa prior to entering the UK they should show some proof of enrolment in a reputable language school or if they want to come and find a job here the condition should be that first they should attend English classes for at least 3 months depending on their level of English.

I have students coming to my school from various parts of Europe however I have noticed that the majority of them come here hoping for a better life as I have mentioned in one of my articles before. These students never see their dreams come true for a simple reason their English is so poor that in spite of being well qualified in their own countries they come here and have to do odd jobs for minimum wage working long shifts so by the time they come to study they are very tired and school attendance is very poor as a result of it.

Perhaps all language schools could offer tuition and work placement as an incentive to these people who seek our country as a way for a better life which will make our country a better more united place to live and would also ensure that even with Brexit our language schools will survive as we will be able to retain our business rather than losing it to more freer countries.