Our teachers.


All of our tutors are CELTA qualified.


Merces Castro

Professional background

Merces CastroI have been a TEFL teacher for over 20 years, both in Italy and England.

Why should students learn your language?

Portuguese is a language which became quite popular in recent years and English is a well spoken language that open the door to everyone who is looking for a better job.

What do you most enjoy about teaching?

I enjoy teaching very much the most rewarding thing for a teacher is to see the student’s progress.

Country of Origin: Brazil

Languages Taught: Brazilian and European Portuguese and English

Susan Sciama

Professional background

I am fluent in Italian as my mother comes from Venice. I spent many holidays in Italy, then after studying English Literature and Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh I worked at the University of Venice, a middle school and an Interpreters College, teaching English Language and Literature. I also gave private lessons and did translations.
I have taught reading and creative writing in schools and with adults in London.
I am now teaching Italian at one2one language school.

Why should students learn your language?

Italian is a beautiful language, very musical, with wonderful literature. Italy has some of the most stunning cities, coasts and landscapes in the world so a knowledge of Italian can be very useful to holidaymakers and aid comprehension of other Romance languages.

What do you most enjoy about teaching?

I enjoy thoughtful interaction with students, the mental stimulation which comes from new ideas arising spontaneously and the gaining of confidence which students often experience as their learning develops.

Country of Origin: UK

Languages Taught: Italian


Maria Osterweil

Professional background

I have a degree in Modern Languages/Literature – English and German.For some time I taught English to sixth form students.When I moved to England about thirty years ago,I tutored Portuguese to British professionals for a few years.

Why should students learn my language?

Portuguese is becoming quite a fashionable language and although Spanish is more widely learnt in the UK ,Britain and Portugal have always been linked through centuries of history.British people have settled in Portugal for ages and now,more than ever,the English are more open to learning Portuguese as they are attracted to a smaller country with a lot to offer.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

I thoroughly enjoy teaching my mother tongue to adults who are enthusiastic about my country and its culture.I particularly enjoy the challenges of interactive teaching through living,real and practical situations.

Country of Origin: Portugal

Language taught: Portuguese