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We had the pleasure of teaching a great student from Barcelona this winter. He studied with us for 3 months to learn General and Business English. He did really well and completed his course as expected. He told us that he has seen a great improvement in his written and spoken skills since studying with us and was able to go on to get a promotion at work after obtaining his certificate with ME Languages English Centre.

Congratulations Ramon, it was a pleasure to teach you!

Merces is an excellent teacher a real model to her students. She is very patient, professional and totally devoted to her students.Federica, Italy

Merces is a teacher for all ages, very patient, friendly and follows her students’ progress not only during their school days but also throughout their lives.Simone, Italy

If you study here, you will find friendship, knowledge, honesty and a perfect atmosphere. If you are looking for the best English instruction, first consider Merces. I will never forget the kindness shown me by her.Alba, Brazil

It was also a pleasure to learn about British culture when I was still feeling homesick. It really made such a difference on that time.Fernando, Brazil