Student Induction

Welcome To ME Languages School

Your first day at ME Language’s which begins at 09.00am, is very much about getting to know the staff and your fellow students.

Your normal start time after the first day will be 9.30am.

You will be met by our staff: Merces Castro the Director and Katherine Fasalojo the Marketing and Business Development Manager who is also responsible for Student Services. Our induction meetings take place in our ‘relax area’ of the school. We will give you your Student Pack which contains the Student Handbook, local magazines, maps of the area and London and lots more. All the information you need to help and guide you in your stay here with us at ME Languages.

Please note, we may need to take a copy of your passport or ID and visa.
You will be given a language test if you have not already completed one, so we can determine your level.
You will be given a brief introduction to the school to explain the following:

  • The timetable, class times, lateness and absence procedures
  • How to contact us during your stay including an emergency number
  • Safety issues in the town
  • Coffee breaks and kitchen facilities
  • How we can help you with organising your own trips
  • The Fire Drill procedure
  • The Wi-Fi code
  • Our Open Door policy
  • Our school policies
  • Safeguarding policies (where relevant)

We will also check that you are happy with your accommodation.

You will be given a tour of the building, including the offices, classrooms and toilet areas.

In addition, Muslim students will be offered:

  • Details of how to attend the mosque on Friday afternoons
  • Information about the Halal food restaurants nearby

All students will attend their first class on the Monday at 9.30am

We offer a professional Educational Advisory Service which can help you if you wish to continue your education in a British or American College or University after your course with us.


More and more of our students wish to obtain internationally recognised qualifications in English to help them in their academic or professional careers. At ME Languages we can prepare candidates for Cambridge Examinations, including PET, First Certificate Advanced and Proficiency. Students are advised that we can offer courses for the above examinations however, in order to take the exams they have to go to an open authorised Cambridge centre which can be arranged by ME Languages.

Long-Term Students:

We will discuss with you the following:

  • Opening a bank account and registering with the doctor
  • Police registration issues where necessary
  • That the first tutorial takes place at the end of the first week and then on a monthly basis with the Director of Studies
  • Whether you wish to join a church or mosque