Here at ME Languages we specialise in teaching English at all levels to our students ranging from ages upwards of 18 years old.

We only provide one-to-one sessions to ensure every student gets the help and assistance they need when learning a new language.

When you study with us, we tailor your learning  to your individual needs to ensure you get the desired results from your time with us at ME Languages.

We believe in giving quality lessons and extra support, whichever way you choose to learn, in a comfortable, friendly and safe environment.

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Where we are

Just a short distance from Camden and central London

ME Languages is based just 1.5 miles from the centre of Camden and only a short distance from central London. With great transport links all around and so much local culture, restaurants and bars, we are a great place to experience the city whilst studying.

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Special Offers

12 English lessons for £500

3 months English, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish lessons for £340 per month.

English lessons for £250 per month.

All offers expire on 31 January 2019.

I was delighted to discover One2One have opened a branch five minutes away from my home, as I am self-employed and this makes it so much easier to fit in a solid hour of language tuition at a mutually convenient time.

I have done various part-time language classes over the years and was finding it difficult to find a course at the right level, as I needed more than basic but not too advanced.

One2One very accurately established this in a preliminary assessment, which enabled us to hit the ground running at the appropriate level with a course tailored to my needs.

I was also looking for a course that was affordable and set over a fixed period of lessons, which One2One were able to provide.

The homework has also proved invaluable, as this has enabled me to take time to absorb concepts in more detail and to learn from my mistakes.

Doing this course has enabled me to improve my confidence and fluency, along with learning to tackle some of the more complex grammar and verb constructions. It has whetted my appetite for more.

I can enthusiastically recommend One2One to anyone who needs a similar flexible and focused approach to language learning.


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